Thornton Jr Out Duels Kirby at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The West Coast Late Model Shootout continued their opening swing on Wednesday night at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with the World of Outlaws. Twenty-five cars were in attendance for the series' second appearance at the half-mile track. Chandler, Arizona's Ricky Thornton Jr. made a guest appearance in the #5M normally piloted by Anthony Madrid and found Victory Lane for a $3,000 pay day.
Winnipeg, Canada's Mike Balcaen and Don Shaw led the field to the green flag. Shaw won the inaugural event last March and took the early lead with former West Coast Late Model Shootout Champion Mike Kirby moving into second place. Behind them Ricky Thornton Jr. and Mike Johnson of Lompoc, California ran side-by-side for third place.
Coming out of turn two, Kirby made the pass for the lead as Shaw could not get around lapped traffic. Thornton Jr., who started ninth, cleared Johnson and began his charge forward, passing Shaw for second. Coming out of turn four the 22 year-old made the pass for the lead and pulled away from the field.
Thornton Jr. went uncontested, returning to Victory Lane with the West Coast Late Model Shootout for the first time since October 2011. Mike Kirby, Mike Johnson, Don Shaw, Mike Balcaen, Rob Sanders, Garrett Alberson, Brad Pounds, Dave Mass and Trevor Glaser completed the top ten.
The West Coast Late Model Shootout returns to action on Saturday, March 9th at Bakersfield Speedway. For more information visit or on Facebook at or Twitter at

The West Coast Late Model Shootout and Chris Kearns Presents would like to thank the following for their support this season: Taffera Jewelers, RoadRunner Fabrication, Pearsons Auto Wrecking, Drake Farms Transportation, Toste Construction and Paving, Papich Construction, Victory Circle Custom Fabrication and Machining, West Coast Boring, Hoosier Tires, Five Star Grafix, VP Racing Fuel and Holders Air Conditioning and Heating.
Feature Event: 1. 5w Ricky Thornton Jr., 2. 5k Mike Kirby, 3. 7 Mike Johnson, 4. 42s Don Shaw, 5. 10 Mike Balcane, 6. 10n Rob Sanders, 7. 43 Garrett Alberson, 8. 1p Brad Pounds, 9. 42m Dave Mass, 10. 2 Trevor Glaser, 11. 11x Steve Drake, 12. 29 Andy Obertello, 13. 33 David Karst, 14. 91p Jason Papich, 15. 91t Tony Toste, 16. 16b Randy Brown, 17. 12a David Deetz, 18. 22g Paul Guglielmoni, 19. 27 Nick Bartels, 20. 37 Rob Mayea
Heat Race One: 1. 42s Don Shaw, 2. 10 Mike Balcaen, 3. 91p Jason Papich, 4. 11x Steve Drake, 5. 43 Garrett Alberson, 6. 22g Paul Guglielmoni, 7. 2w Darryn Waldo, 8. 32b Clay Daly, 9. 81Mike Stadel
Heat Race Two: 1. 5k Mike Kirby, 2. 33 David Karst, 3. 7 Mike Johnson, 4. 5m Ricky Thornton Jr., 5. 2 Trevor Glaser, 6. 1p Brad Pounds, 7. 17 Larry Childress, 8. 96 Carla Laney
Heat Race Three: 1. 10n Rob Sanders, 2. 27 Nick Bartels, 3. 29 Andy Obertello, 4. 91t Tony Toste, 5. 37 Rob Mayea, 6. 16 Randy Brown, 7. 12 David Deetz, 8. 42m Dave Mass

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