September 17th M. Maselli & Sons Classic @ Petaluma

A Main

1st   Clay Daly

2nd  Jeff Decker

3rd   Anthony Restad

4th   Bobby Hogge IV

5th   Mike Kirby

6th   Nick Bartels

7th   Rick Shafer

8th   Bill Bartels

9th   Jason Papich

10th  Shawn DeForest

11th  Paul Guglielmoni

12th  Johnny Cardoza

13th  Richard Papenhausen

14th  Andy Obertello

15th  John Silva

16th  Randy Larsen

17th  Tony Toste

18th  Rob Sanders

19th  Trent Elliott

20th  Carla Laney

*** Steve Drake qualified for the main but elected not to run due to engine problems.



1st   Rick Shafer

2nd  Shawn DeForest

3rd   Tony Toste

4th   Trent Elliott

5th   Carla Laney

6th   Dennis Souza

7th   Don Iverson

8th   Les Friend

9th   Jimmy Gallagher

10th  Steve Johnson

11th  Rod Arnold

12th  Michael Paul

DNS  Mike Johnson

DNS  Doug Thompson

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