March 5 – Tulare Speedway

Heat #1         B-Main    
1st 11x Steve Drake     1st 12 Ron Bartels
2nd 18 Cody Barnett     2nd 2 Bobby Hogge
3rd 5k Mike Kirby     3rd 10n Rob Sanders
4th 77c Johnny Cardoza     4th 7b Bryan Burnes
5th 10n Rob Sanders     5th 91t Tony Toste
6th 7x Chris Barnett     6th 7x Chris Barnett
7th 55 Bud Wahlberg     7th 55 Bud Wahlberg
8th 5x Dino Napier     8th 17s Rick Shafer
          9th 96x Ken Micheli
          10th 4r Anthony Restad
Heat #2         11th 91p Jason Papich
1st 7 Mike Johnson     12th 29 Andy Obertello
2nd 75 Tommy Malcolm     13th 111 Logan Drake
3rd 32 Chris Shannon     14th 83 Dennis Souza
4th 22 Jason Selvidge          
5th 12 Ron Bartels     DNS    
6th 83 Dennis Souza       5x Dino Napier
7th 96x Ken Micheli       32b Clay Daly
8th 29 Andy Obertello       96m Matt Micheli
Heat #3         A-Main    
1st 27 Nick Bartels     1st 11x Steve Drake
2nd 84 Jeff Decker     2nd 15b Brad Pounds
3rd 8 John Lowrey     3rd 5k Mike Kirby
4th 77 Bill Bartels     4th 7 Mike Johnson
5th 7b Bryan Burnes     5th 84 Jeff Decker
6th 4r Anthony Restad     6th 8 John Lowrey
7th 91p Jason Papich     7th 22 Jason Selvidge
8th 2 Bobby Hogge     8th 32s Chris Shannon
          9th 75 Tommy Malcolm
          10th 7b Bryan Burnes
Heat #4         11th 77 Bill Bartels
1st 15b Brad Pounds     12th 58b Randy Shafer
2nd 96 Carla Laney     13th 77c Johnny Cardoza
3rd 22g Paul Guglielmoni     14th 10n Rob Sanders
4th 58b Randy Shafer     15th 12 Ron Bartels
5th 91t Tony Toste     16th 22g Paul Guglielmoni
6th 111 Logan Drake     17th 27 Nick Bartels
          18th 18 Cody Barnett
Dash         19th 2 Bobby Hogge
1st 11x Steve Drake     20th 96 Carla Laney
2nd 7 Mike Johnson          
3rd 27 Nick Bartles          
4th 15b Brad Pounds          
5th 18 Cody Barnett          
6th 75 Tommy Malcolm          
7th 84 Jeff Decker          
8th 96 Carla Laney          


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