February 18th USA Raceway


1st   27 Nick Bartels

2nd  32b Clay Daly

3rd   11x Steve Drake

4th   8p Lonnie Parker Jr.

5th   14m Dean Moore

6th   10 Mike Balcaen

7th   37 Rob Mayea

8th   91p Jason Papich

9th   24 Paul Banghart

10th  16 Tommy Hussak III

11th  18 Cody Barnett

12th  28 John Cornell

13th  5m Anthony Madrid

14th  7c Chris Barnett

15th  1h Martin Hussak

16th  91t Tony Toste

17th  26 Mark Carrell

18th  51 Joey Moriarty

19th  22t Karl Tipton

20th  5k Mike Kirby



1st   24  Paul Banghart

2nd  7c  Chris Barnett

3rd  1h  Tommy Hussak III

4th  22t  Karl Tipton

5th  36 Robin Boomgaarden

6th  3t  Jimmy Jelvik

7th  35 Wes Hall

8th  94 James Chavez Jr.

9th  37h Garrett Higgins

10th 101 Garrett Alberson

11th 002 RC Whitwell

12th  37n Jerry Fincher

13th  23 Brad Williams

14th  12 Bill Bartels


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