Bill Bartels

Bill Bartels turned 71 years young on Sept. 4, 2010. He started out racing motorcycles in 1966. He received his professional license in 1969. He raced dirt flat track, TT, asphalt and Grand Prix. He raced a couple of races with actor Steve McQueen. He raced until 1987.

Bill started out in dirt car racing in 1990. His son Ron suffered a broken finger and asked him to race in his place. Two events later Bill was HOOKED. He got his first race car from Carla Laney which she was retiring for a new one. He raced the 1991 Willow Springs Winter Series. He then raced three years in street stocks then one year in modifieds.

In 1994 was the start of his late model racing. His first bought chassis was a Rocket, that he ran from 1997 thru 2000. Then he switched to Rayburn chassis which is what he still uses to this day.

Chris Laney came aboard in 2005 to maintain the car. He is Bill's crew chief and driver of the toter home and stacker trailer. And all around entertainment in the group.

Currently Bill races late models with his son Ron and grandson Nicholas who he sponsors. He also sponsors Carla Laney which is Chris wife and Mike Kirby which is Carla's brother. The following crew members complete the Bartels Racing Teams.

Bills team – Chris Laney- crew chief, Jack and wife Merle.
Nicks team – cap and girlfriend Angel
Rons team – DeAnna Macht – crew chief, his wife Gale and daughter Nicole.
Kirbys team – wife Becky and daughters Brenda and Amanda.
Carlas team – son Cody, Mark and Sheila.

Career best – 1994 Ventura Speedway 2nd in points in Street Stocks
                    2007 Perris  2nd in points Late Models
                    2008 Perris  Late model Champion


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